Patient Testimonials


“When I started at Siegenthaler Family Chiropractic Center, I had constant pain in my right shoulder and neck and I could not turn my head to the left very far. Just to start my day I had to rub a pain cream on my shoulder and take an Alleve pain killer. Since April 3, my first visit one month ago, I can now turn my head to the left comfortably and the intense pain is gone.”– Joni Smoker
“Anyone having back problems should contact Siegenthaler Family Chiropractic Center, you will get the best care possible. I know because I woke up one morning and could hardly walk because of severe pain in my lower spine. Now after the prescribed number of treatments my back is almost as good as it ever was. Not only did I get help but the people at the Center are friendly, helpful and kind. A big thank you to all.”

– Amelia Schaub

“Continuous headaches with neck and jaw stiffness and pain. Chronic lower back pain. Repetitive visits to a medical doctor resulted in one variety or another of muscle relaxers. This provided only temporary relief since it was treating the symptoms and not the origin of the problems. After 4 months of chiropractic adjustments and daily stretching exercises I no longer suffer from the above complaints. Dr. Siegenthaler has truly changed my life and health.”

– Kurt Lowe

“I have been receiving regular chiropractic care for the past 5 years and it has helped me a lot with the daily aches and pains of cardiovascular training and weight lifting. Last year, just before my last bodybuilding competition, I had a sharp pain in my left hamstring. After 2 Active Release treatments, I was able to do cardio up to 11/2 hours/day and train legs for the next 12 weeks pain free. Active Release worked great! Since then it has helped me with a calf problem and a shoulder problem.”

“I would recommend Active Release Treatments along with chiropractic care to anybody with injuries. Dr. Paul Pattay understands the needs of an athlete and was great to work with. I can continue to train hard and push my body, knowing that if I do get injured and can be fixed.”

– Robin Dorf – Female Body Builder 
NPC East Coast Classic 2001 – 2nd Place Women’s Heavy Weight
Miss NABBA USA 1998 – Women’s Overall Winner
Miss NPC PENNSYLVANIA STATE 1998 – Women’s Overall Winner
Miss Keystone State NABBA 1996 – Women’s Overall Winner

“I have been receiving regular chiropractic care for the past 4 years and Active Release Treatments for the past year. I skate 5 days a week so whenever I have an ache, pain or injury, I go see my chiropractor. Active Release Treatments helped me with a hip flexor injury and calf and foot injuries. Without this type of treatment, I would not be able to train like I do.”

– Kim Kent – Competitive Female Figure Skater

“… Active Release Treatments are great! I received 8 treatments in 4 weeks for achilles tendon pain and a 3 year old problem is now gone. I can finally run again pain free.”

– Ted Wolf – Recreational Runner

“…Active Release Treatments and chiropractic care have helped me continue to run and train hard.”

– Mark Amway – Owner Inside Track, Collegiate and Competitive Runner