Knee Pain

General knee pain includes conditions such as runner’s knee, chondromalacia patella,Osgood-Schlatters,etc. These are caused by trauma, or cumulative trauma disorder(overuse).


Causes & Treatment

Most general knee pain syndromes are caused by overuse, and typically occur with a change in shoes, surface, or intensity. Examples would be increasing speed or mileage too quickly for a runner, changing types, styles, or shoe companies, and changing from a treadmill to outdoor surfaces. These variables can all alter biomechanics of the knee joint. Growth spurts while atheletes are maturing, can also alter the mechanics enough to cause one of the above conditions.

Our office works to restore proper mechanics to the knee by focusing on two small typically ignored muscles, first the popliteus, a small muscle in the back of the knee joint, and second the articularis genu, which helps position and stabilize the patella. Active Release Techniques, and sometimes Graston, coupled with flexibility and ultimately a strength and stabilization routine for the quads, hamstrings and lateral stabilizers of the hip and knee gets results where many treatments fall short.

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