10 Dangerous Thoughts About Your Health

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1. Maybe it will go away. 2. It comes and goes. 3. It’s not that bad! 4. It only hurts when I … 5. I know what my problem is, it’s … 6. I was told I’ve got to live with it, so I do. 7. My Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong! 8.I’ve been this way for years, why change now? 9. I don’t want to know. 10. It’s because of my age ! IF YOU THINK THESE THOUGHTS, CALL SIEGENTHALER FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC CENTER TODAY FOR A NO CHARGE SPINAL EXAM AND TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW CHIROPRACTIC AND ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUES CAN IMPROVE YOUR...

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Health Care Trends

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This article is going to talk about some alarming statistics, and some new healthier trends in modern health care. Over the past few years, many non-medical treatments have become very popular as a substitute for, or complement to traditional medical care. A 1993 study in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that 425 million visits to “unconventional” practitioners were made in 1990, compared with only 388 million visits to traditional medical doctors. The vast majority of these visits were to doctors of chiropractic. A second study in June 1997 in Archives of Family Medicine, also documented the enormous rise in non-medical treatments. Again the most commonly used practitioner was a chiropractor. Based on these statistics, it is fair to say that these unconventional treatments are more popular than many medical treatments. Many people are beginning to question whether...

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What Makes People Sick?

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Often in the office, or in the public speaking on natural health care, chiropractors are asked the question, “Why do people get sick, and why are some people more chronically ill then others?” The answer is both simplistic and at the same time quite enigmatic. The simple answer is stress, this stress can take numerous forms, including physical, chemical, emotional, psychological etc. Simply put when external invasive forces (stress) surpasses internal resistive forces (health potential), the body is overcome and the result is ill health of some variety. Therefore the better we can fortify our health potential, the less likely we are to become ill, and, if we do become ill, the shorter the duration and severity of the disease process. In the last newsletter we discussed some ways that people can bolster their health potential, these included improving...

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